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Ustica Diving Center

Mister Jump born from those who have made passion for the sea and diving their job!

After years of experience in the most famous tropical paradises, as Sicilians, we could only choose an island of Sicily, Ustica, a natural paradise far away from the tourists invasion where you can still swim with barracuda and grouper welcoming us into their world.
The diving center Mister Jump is located at the center of the small town of Ustica, in the middle of an impressive staircase that leads from the port directly to the main street.

The interior of the center was renamed by our divers "the cave"; the space is obtained in rough lava stone, a picturesque and unique place of its kind. Inside we have a toilet with shower, a rinsing equipment area and a corner in order to spend some time with friends, watching videos and photos taken during the dive or, to follow the theory lessons of the courses, all levels , that we do with the help of the computer and up to date teaching materials.

The dives are organized daily with our two inflatable boats by 7.2 meters in order to diversify, when necessary, groups based on levels but, also depending on the time requirements.
The meeting point for the departure of all excursions is directly on the quay; here every morning on time you will find your equipment with the tank, ready to assemble. At the end of the day we will take care to store your equipment in our store.

Particular attention is given to the snorkeling and the sea baptisms, to give the opportunity to those who have not a patent to be able to admire one of the most picturesque Mediterranean seas.
The Mister Jump staff consists of highly qualified people, instructors and guides, who have years of experience and who will accompany you to discover the wonderful underwater world of Ustica.

... dive it means get out of time, be in a extra-terrestrial dimension that returns strength and vigor to the spirit and the body.
It is man's ancient dance with the sea, the search for harmony now lost in the busy modern lifestyle. But the words are of little use, prepared for the next jump ...

The staff

  • Alessandro Ruju

    Alessandro Ruju

    ISDA Instructor Trainer
    ISDA Crossover Controller
    ISDA BLSD Trainer
    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
    Why Ustica? ... because each dive has its own story, and he likes to tell it with his anecdotes ... !
  • Marco Cavallaro

    Marco Cavallaro

    PADI Instructor
    ISDA Instructor
    I traveled, I dived and I headed diving in many seas, but the satisfaction of being able to watch my divers at the end of a 'dive in Ustica has no equal ... to search for them even the smallest nudibranch is for me the most joy great.
  • Antonella Anello

    Antonella Anello

    ISDA Assistant Instructor
    NASE Assistant Instructor
    The sea and the island of Ustica were my passion, the colors and the flavors of the island my life, make cakes for my friends divers my secret but it will not be difficult to find out ... ready to dive!
  • Davide Caramella

    Davide Caramella

    Dive Master ISDAI was looking for a place to complete my linguistic studies and follow my passion for diving ... in Ustica I managed to unite both things: I learned the Sicilian, the Usticese and Catania’s dialect spending my days between grouper and barracuda!
  • Ivi D’Anna

    Ivi D’Anna

    Public Relation ManagerBecause you should never take yourself too seriously, but always know what you want. The smell of the sea, the taste, the pleasure of listening to your breath while admire the world who lives under the water ...
  • Florian Chabbal

    Florian Chabbal

    DIVE MASTER ISDAI found a second home in Ustica and a second family with Mister Jump. A house where nothing has changed for ages, nor the quality of the food served nor that of the show under the sea. It is always a pleasure for me, to share with you this place with its welcoming and limitless beauty.
  • Doriane Partaud

    Doriane Partaud

    ECO-SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENTNew in the staff of Mister Jump, I am a student in sustainable tourism and a great traveler. I hope to be able to contribute to the protection of this magnificent place by practicing responsible diving, making it possible to take advantage of its depths as long as possible.
  • Elfie Atruz

    Elfie Atruz

    DIVE MASTERExplorer la plus grande surface de la Terre, l'Eau. Observer ce qui se passe dans ce monde si proche et si énigmatique. Chaque plongée est une rencontre, une découverte, une expérience unique qui nous fait voyager au delà des frontières entre terre et mer.