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Dive in Ustica

Punta Falconiera

Punta Falconiera

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Dive kind: Wall / Cave / Sand

Minimum patent: Open Water

Difficulty: Low
Depth: 20-30 mt

Tide: Weak and occasional

The depth ranges goes from 24 to 35 meters, “Punta Falconiera” is characterized by a rocky wall with vibrant color that gives a striking visual effect, defined by us "the amateurs dive", as it is ideal for divers who like to stop and look or photograph organisms that are often ignored. Along the wall that goes steeply down we find the lightning hedgehogs, cerianthus, and from the recesses emerge the antennas of small and large lobsters. Going down to the sandy area we find moray eels that look strange from their burrows.

In the sandy bottom it opens, in fron of us, the entrance to a large cave in which we find sly forkbeards and in the crevices you can admire shrimps in continous movement.

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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