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Dive in Ustica

Sutta a Za’ Lisa

Sutta a Za’ Lisa

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Dive kind: Wall, ciliated

Minimum patent: Neophyte -intermediate

Difficulty: Medium / Low

Depth: 15/ 30 mt

Tide: Weak and occasional

Definitely not AN usual name for a dive? You want to know why? Well, we reserve the pleasure to tell you about this story in person and give you a laugh!

Arrived in a small cove, where the colors that we see on the surface are inviting for a swim enjoing the crystal clear water before starting our dive, we begin to wear the equipment and after the briefing we dive. The slow descent along the anchor allows us to make offsetting easier and to achieve an initial depth of about nine meters. Slowly, following the bathymetric, we see sweetly degrade the seabed in an alternation of sea grass and large rocks.

This site is characterized by truly spectacular colors because of the many ravines and passages covered with "Sea Daisies (known as Parazoanthus)" and "Madrepora Orange (known as Astroides)".

Several species of sea slugs that we will find how Flabellines Rosa, the dotted nudibranchs and Cratena Peregrina.

Continuing to finning we’ll arrive in the blue to a maximum depth of about twenty-five meters where the meeting with amberjack and big bream is not a rarity.

After thirty minutes we check our gauge and when the first shows 100 BAR we begin our reentry reaching a narrower depth and approaching the wall that will guide us to the entrance of a beautiful amphitheater characterized by special light effects. The colors of the aquatic organisms that cover the arch of this semi open cave create alternating colors unique in its kind.

So for divers who love photography this dive it is certainly interesting!

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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