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Dive in Ustica

The Marine Protected Areas of Ustica are unique in their biological richness that, in sea conditions and optimum visibility, allow us to see a very large number of animal and plant species.

Several factors combined make this island a natural reservoir of biodiversity. The geographical position, which has a temperature not lower than 14 ° C in the coldest months, allowed an exchange of species between the two Mediterranean basins, the north and south. In the sea of Ustica is about 50% of the species of the Mediterranean.

On the seabed stands out the “Posidonia” called "lungs of the Mediterranean", the majestic red gorgonian adorn the rocks and in some areas it is possible to admire the “Gerardia Savaglia” also called "false black coral".

The establishment of a marine protected has given its significant and decisive contribution over the years, dividing into three parts the body of water around the island by a depth 'of three miles from the coast.

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