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Price lists 2019

Prices valid from April to October 2019

After a thorough safety briefing and a description of how you run your dive, you will be accompanied by hand by our instructors to discover the underwater wonders.
Discovery Scuba Diving en€ 110.00

For the little ones, the first level "Finding Nemo"
First level course max depth 12mt - Scuba Diver€ 210.00

Among notions of theory, procedures and equipment, you dive up to 18 meters in the company and in absolute safety depth.
Open Water Diver€ 350.00

To dive up to 30 meters, to the discovery of other colors and other sensations that specialty dives can give us
Advanced Open Water Diver€ 290.00

To be able to assist a victim with appropriate interventions, waiting for help
Emergency First Response€ 200.00

Careful handbook on how to behave in emergency situations to help yourself and your companions
Rescue Diver€ 350.00

Reaching -40 meters, in compliance with the no-decompression limits, with particular attention to safety procedures and programming of the air supply necessary
Deep Diver€ 200.00
Try Scuba€ 60.00

To learn how to manage the dive with the use of artificial lighting sources, revealing the sparkle of the sea at night!
Night Diving Course€ 200.00
Diving with enriched air nitrox€ 45.00

Under the water there is the navigator ... learn to orient yourself with the details of the seabed and learn how to use the compass to achieve known targets, increase your safety and enjoyment when diving.
U/W Navigation€ 200.00

Sometimes the best location is distant from the cliffs, the space on board is short and the dancing boat ... it's time to learn new diving techniques
Boat Diving€ 200.00

To make the dive away from the accumulation of nitrogen and to feel more rested exit
Course Enriched Air - Nitrox€ 200.00

Stand still and stop at the depth range, it allows us to taste us the view around us without wasting the minimum energy
Peak Performance Buoyancy€ 200.00

Because what our eyes keep in our hearts may be shared out of the water with our closest friends...
Underwater Photography Course€ 160.00

If your passion gives you the joy of accompanying other divers in diving, it's time to learn how to entertain them, guiding them safely
Divemaster€ 650.00

• To make your passion a profession!
ISDA Istructor Course€ 1,400.00
For carers, boat ride€ 10.00
Short Dive€ 45.00
Night Dive€ 50.00
Dive Pass 3€ 120.00
Dive Pass 4€ 150.00
Dive Pass 6€ 220.00
Dive Pass 10€ 340.00
*All prices related to diving include a certified dive guide, boat passage, surface care, tank and weights, air supply on the boat, oxygen.
Complete Equipment Rental (no torch)€ 30.00
Rental dispenser + Octopus + Pressure gauge€ 9.00
BC Rental€ 9.00
Wet Suit (5 mm) rental€ 9.00
Snorkeling Equipment€ 14.00
Rechargeable torch rental€ 8.00
To offer the best to our customers, we chose the equipment MARES
All materials used, after each dive is washed and disinfected.
Any type of package can be modified thanks to customized solutions discussed within.