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Ustica - Underwater Cinema's Adventure - july 1/4, 2017

Underwater Cinema's Adventure
Ustica, 1-4 luglio 2017
Pippo Cappellano and Marina Cappabianca                    

100 years of underwater cinema across pictures, movies and fascinating anecdotes.
From the beginning, with George Méliès and his fantastic cinema, to Hans Hass and Jacques Yves Cousteau, between the two World Wars, a new way to show underwater world : they explained this new world with films and movies.
Today the cinema is the best instrument to protect and preserve the sea and its creatures.

 Pippo Cappellano
Journalist, author and documentaries executive, he began his activities at the end of ’60. He directed and produced a lot of films for RAI about underwater exploration and diving archeology. He made more than 300 documentaries in several places of the world about nature, science and history. He received the Golden Trident in 1983 for his spread activities and he’s Vice President of the International Accademy of Science and Scuba Techniques.

 Marina Cappabianca
Producer, actress and director of nature and history documentaries. She organized international co-production with television partners as Discovery, National Geographic, WGBH Nova, WDR e ZDF in Germany, BBC, France 2, France 3, France 5.
She published several articles about documentary activities.

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